Letter: Randy Hultgren will get my vote

By on September 30, 2010

One Democrat has stepped up in favor of repealing the health care law (ACA), but it’s not Representative Foster.

Many Democrats, after they voted on a bill they didn’t read, were aghast at the onerous 1099 requirement buried 2,000 pages in and are ready to vote to repeal that portion of it.

What about Rep. Foster? After saying he would vote against the bill, he voted for it and now stays silent, preferring to attack Mr. Hultgren while businesses in our district remain too unsure of the future to hire new employees.
Randy Hultgren understands that the president will vehemently oppose even fixing one job-stifling part of the ACA, and that’s why we need to repeal the entire bill and concentrate on fixing health care problems. And that’s why Randy Hultgren will get my vote this fall.

Dr. Matthew Waln
St Charles