Letter: My choice: Randy Hultgren

By on September 30, 2010

Oct. 7 correction: In a letter to the editor on page 8A of the Sept. 30 edition, “My choice: Randy Hultgren,” the author incorrectly stated Congressman Bill Foster’s position on cap-and-trade legislation.
Foster voted against H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, on June 26, 2009.
The Elburn Herald regrets the error.
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I’ve met and talked to both U.S. House candidates. Clearly, Randy Hultgren is the best choice to represent the 14th Congressional District. Randy is a fiscally responsible member of the Illinois State Senate with an excellent track record, who has excellent ideas for restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington. He supports balanced budgets, lower taxes and reduced government.

My contact with Congressman Bill Foster showed him to be out of touch with the voters and taxpayers’ needs. When he voted for the billion dollar stimulus package, I asked him if he read the bill beforehand. After much tap dancing, it became clear he had not.

We now know this so-called “stimulus” passed to lower unemployment and rev up the economy was a dismal failure. He also voted for ObamaCare, which 61 percent of voters opposed, but were ignored. He also supported cap-and-trade, which the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office now estimates will cost every American over $5,000, with no benefits to us.

Randy Hultgren understands that a representative must represent constituents (i.e. meeting with and responding to them). He understands that lower taxes allow businesses to flourish and create jobs; and that when people are not restricted by government intrusion and “red tape,” the nation does well.

We can’t tax and spend our way out of this economic climate; we must cut spending and cut taxes. To start, we need to elect people like Randy Hultgren to represent us in Washington.

Leonard R. Wass