Letter: Proud to be represented by Congressman Foster

By on September 30, 2010

I’m proud to be represented by Congressman Bill Foster.

I like the careful way he examines issues, taking all points of view into account, and then clearly lays out the conclusions he comes to. I am grateful for his support of healthcare reform, Social Security and Medicare. I am glad that he is working to shore up our national economy by preserving and creating jobs here in the 14th District.

I am heartened by his support for clean energy alternatives as part of a large bipartisan energy bill. On a personal level, I’ve also had the opportunity to see how Congressman Foster interacts with his constituents, and I’m impressed.

Last year, when my high-school-aged son and I went to Washington, D.C., as part of a seminar on modern-day slavery and human trafficking, we made an appointment to meet with Congressman Foster. When we arrived at his office, however, we were informed that he was on the House floor for a series of important votes. We were disappointed but resigned—after all, that is what we pay him to do.

But to our surprise the receptionist told us that the Congressman had asked one of his staffers to escort us down to the House chamber so that he could keep his appointment with us. In between votes, Congressman Foster came out, shook our hands warmly, and inquired about our issue. He was clearly familiar with the topic of human trafficking, but asked about our views and listened to our ideas.

Bill Foster is the kind of person I want representing me in Congress; someone smart and thoughtful; someone who listens. His attention also converted my son into becoming a much more engaged citizen. Bill Foster has my vote on Nov. 2.

Anna Speicher