Campton celebrates 175 years

By on October 2, 2010

Campton Township—Families and friends can step back in time and discover life before modern technology at Garfield Farm Museum’s annual Harvest Days, where the 175th anniversary of Campton Township’s founding will be celebrated.

The event will run from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 3.

In 1835, John Beatty from Pennsylvania was the first settler to lay claim to land in what became Campton Township. Then known as Fairfield, Beatty first claimed land along present-day Brundige Road in the southeast corner of Campton. Because of a lack of water and timber, two months later, Beatty moved his claim to the present day intersection of Route 38 and LaFox Road. Still this did not meet his needs, and within two years, he moved his claim just north of the present day intersection of Campton Hills and LaFox roads, where his farmhouse survives.

Within 12 months of his arrival, other families came to Campton, and a special display and observation of early settlement will be held at Harvest Days.

Donations are $6 for adults and $3 for children under 12.

The 374-acre Garfield Farm Museum is an historically intact former 1840s prairie farmstead and teamster inn being restored by donors and volunteers from 2,800 households in 37 states. Garfield Farm Museum is located five miles west of Geneva on Garfield Road. For information, call (630) 584-8485 or e-mail