Commission votes against new Sho-Deen plan

By on October 8, 2010

Revision would reduce development’s commercial area
by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Sho-Deen Inc., wants to remove part of the Elburn Station development from its concept plan, but several Elburn Planning Commissioners say the alteration would make the proposed development less viable.

Sho-Deen representative David Patzelt on Tuesday presented the proposed concept plan revisions to the Planning Commission on Tuesday. The major change would eliminate Zone A of the development, which is the portion of the project north of Route 38. Zone A includes most of the project’s commercial development.

“At this time we feel the existing size of the Elburn Station project works well,” Sho-Deen representative David Patzelt said.

The Planning Commission voted 4-3 against recommending Village Board approval of the revised concept plan. The Village Board will vote on Monday, Oct. 18, whether to accept the revised plan.

The existing concept plan for Elburn Station, on the east side of the village between Route 38 and Keslinger Road, features single-family homes on lots ranging in width from 30 to 80 feet; multi-family housing within a half-mile around the Metra station with density up to 12 units per acre, and commercial areas north and south of Route 38.

Planning Commissioner John Krukoff said he was concerned about the affect of reducing the project’s commercial property because of the density of the residential areas.

“The last thing we need are more roof tops … they don’t pay the freight, commercial does,” Krukoff said. “The project is much less appealing now.”

Planning Commissioner Pat Schuberg also said she was concerned that the new concept plan will disrupt the balance of commercial to residential.

“It looks like this size of a development will bring a lot of expense to Elburn … will the village be able to afford it?” Schuberg said.

Planning Commission Chairman Jeff Metcalf, who opposed the new concept plan, said he wants the village to make sure it makes the right decision for the long-term.

“Right now, in Blackberry Creek, there are 50 to 60 foreclosures, not to mention Prairie Valley (subdivision),” Metcalf said. “I have concerns about how we will pay for this (development).”

Zone B, which extends between Route 38 and the railroad tracks, and Zone C, which extends south from the tracks to Keslinger Road, remain in the revised concept plan. Sho-Deen proposed a few revisions to those zones in the proposed new concept plan, however, including adding curves along the proposed Anderson Road extension and placing a small park east of Anderson and south of Hicks Road.

The Village Board approved the existing concept plan in March 2008, which included 682 acres. The proposed new concept plan has 506 acres.

Commissioners Sue Filek, Mary Gustafson and Greg Algrim voted in favor of recommending Sho-Deen’s revised concept plan to the Village Board. Commissioners Paul Molitor, Krukoff, Schuberg and Metcalf voted against the recommendation.

Gustafson, who is new on the Planning Commission, said the curved streets in the revised concept plan make the development more aesthetically pleasing.

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  1. EddieLebeck

    October 8, 2010 at 7:27 AM

    Nice Start! Now just vote down the rest of the project and we’ll be happy.

    Who needs 12 units per acre? That is just inviting problems.