Letter: In support of Hultgren

By on October 14, 2010

This is the time of year when my mailbox overflows with messages designed to mislead and inflame voters.

A case in point is the propaganda printed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee claiming Randy Hultgren wants to raise taxes on all the unsuspecting voters while letting the big fat rich corporations get away scot free. Talk about a con job.

I checked the links … and did my own research. Hultgren was baited with a false dilemma between the present 20,000 page IRS tax code and a “flat” tax. He correctly answered that the present system needs fixing. This innocent statement was twisted by the DCCC to link Mr. Hultgren to a website. Then they misquoted the website. Nowhere on the website cited is there any link to Hultgren.

The DCCC propaganda sheet also shows a huge sign proclaiming: “Welcome to Springfield —Home of Bad Ideas.”

This is comical when you consider that the Illinois House and Senate are made up of 105 Democrats to only 70 Republicans. Where, might I ask, does the DCCC think the “bad ideas” are originating from?

More bad ideas came out of Washington than Springfield, and that’s saying quite a lot. Included was a wasteful “stimulus” which stimulated no new jobs, a 2,500-page health care bill, which raised our health care costs, and an unfinished carbon cap-and-trade bill, which will raise our energy costs. All this was enthusiastically supported by Pelosi’s minion Foster, without regard for his local constituency, while the economy tanked.

I waited for my chance at a town hall to question the misguided legislative agenda. No open town hall meetings were ever held, only a single-sided phone conference.

Randy Hultgren’s campaign flyer tells me what he will do for us, the voters of the 14th Congressional District—work for job creation, end wasteful government spending, real health care reform and comprehensive tax reform. Isn’t it time we tossed out the ones who think they are supposed to represent their political party and elected the ones who will represent their constituency? I sincerely hope so.

Robert Brennan
St. Charles