Letter: In support of John Dalton

By on October 14, 2010

I’m urging voters in Kane County to vote this fall from the top to the bottom of the ballot.

Races for governor and senator get a lot of attention, but all elections are important. Near the bottom of the ballot is your choice for Kane County Resident Judge. John Dalton is the candidate to select. He has a decade of experience as chairman of the Cook County Circuit Court’s mandatory arbitration system, and 23 years as a trial attorney.

While I’m proud that John Dalton is running as a Democrat, the “D” is not what makes him a good judge. In fact, it’s almost the opposite. John is a friend of mine, and he’s made it clear that he won’t be a Democrat judge or a Republican judge. He’ll be the best judge he can be for all the people of Kane County.

Because I openly support John Dalton’s candidacy, he will recuse himself as judge from any case that may involve me. And his fundraising committee has not accepted donations from attorneys. As Kane County Resident Judge, John Dalton will only be influenced by legal precedence and transparent fairness based on evidence.

Frank Imhoff, Chairman
Elgin Township Democrats