Letter: Kaneland should rethink block schedule change

By on October 14, 2010

Kaneland’s School Board has decided to change from the four-block schedule to an eight-period schedule by the beginning of next year. I don’t agree with the changing in the schedule for many reasons.

The day after the School Board decided to the change schedules, we talked for almost an hour about it in class. Our class had many questions—some of my main concerns were about the students that play sports, the clubs and our STEN time to contact teachers and get help if we need it. STEN is also a time that we have meetings with clubs that we have joined.

How will we be able to meet in those clubs? Will this affect the science classes? Last year, when I was in middle school, we had short time and sometimes had to rush through our labs. I enjoy the block schedule when we have time to finish our labs and finish the corresponding papers to the lab we did that day.
What will happen to the Fox Valley Career Center classes? Those are classes that require a lot of time because they travel to different places within the district. They would have no time if they had only a period to finish their daily work.

I am a two-sport athlete; I go from one practice to the next if I don’t have a game, and after that, I have my homework to do. Sometimes it’s hard for me to balance school and sports. How will it be for other athletes? Will athlete’s grades drop because of the homework load on top of practices and games? I think that it’s not the four blocks that affect the ACT score, I think that it is the students that honestly don’t care about putting forth effort or care about their scores.

Instead of jumping into changing the school schedule, the school district should allow more ACT practices and review more of the important ideas that may be seen on the ACT instead of ideas that may not be as useful to help them succeed. Overall, I think that the School Board should rethink their ideas about the change in the scheduling.

Lanie Callaghan
Freshman at Kaneland High School