Letter: Kaneland is making a mistake with block schedule change

By on October 14, 2010

I am very upset because Kaneland High School is changing from our regular block schedule to a traditional eight-period day schedule. I have talked to many students at the school, and most of the them have said that they are upset with this change. In my mind, Kaneland is making a mistake.

Changing from our block schedule to a traditional schedule is supposed to help make our grades, test scores, and standardized test scores improve.

This is what the School District is trying to accomplish by this change, but I do not believe it will happen, because changing to this traditional schedule will mean eight classes worth of homework, compared to four classes worth of homework. Students will not want to do the extra homework and will not want to study for every class, and if you play sports, this will make this even harder.

It also affects science classes, because if we shorten class periods we will not have the time to finish labs with accuracy. This change could lead to students rushing through homework, not doing it right and sloppiness. This change may not turn out as expected. The board may think about the test scores and such, but have they put themselves in the shoes of the students?

In my opinion, changing our schedules is not a good idea. If they feel we need to be in a class for a whole school year, we could do something like “A” and “B” days. Instead of having an eight-period day, split it up and have four classes a day but alternate each day. By doing this, students would not be overwhelmed with massive amounts of homework, and they would have plenty of time to focus and do it correctly.

Madison Hester
Freshman at Kaneland High School
Sugar Grove