Letter: We need answers on employment

By on October 14, 2010

This letter is directed to all Democrat and Republican candidates, either serving in office or running for office.

This nation is at the worst I’ve seen in 68 years. Unemployment rate is at 9 percent, resulting in 15 million people who have lost jobs since 2008. I lost my 10-year job in April 2008.  My husband also lost his 12-year job in January 2008. Since then, not one day has gone by without either of us networking or sending electronic resumes over the Internet. Most of the ads on the Internet are anonymous so you cannot do a follow up to your application for employment. Employers do not return phone calls, which contributes to our anxiety.

So my question to all candidates, either in office or running for office, is how do you propose to resolve this problem? I need to know your answer before I give you my vote. And, if you have an answer, why do I have to wait for your resolution to the problem of high unemployment until you are either retained or elected?

We need to get back to being employed now.

Rose Maty