Letter: In support of Randy Hultgren

By on October 14, 2010

As a professor of economics, economic policy is of great importance to me. Unlike his opponent, Randy Hultgren has sound economic ideas that would move the economy in the right direction. I am supporting Randy Hultgren for Congress. Randy stands for fiscal responsibility and opposes the spending spree of congressional Democrats that Bill Foster apparently supports.

Of course there is more than just sound economic policies. As I researched the two candidates, I also discovered that Randy Hultgren wants single subject bills—this novel idea would help to eliminate pork. I am personally tired of hearing about all of the amendments that are tacked on to bills, but have nothing in common with the original bill. This seemingly simple proposal is the kind of common-sense solution that needs to be proposed in Congress to cut spending.

Randy Hultgren also proposes a requirement that every Congressman should read a bill before voting on it. Mr. Foster voted on several bills before reading them, including the more than 2,000 page health care bill. A congressman who supports a bill without fully reading it and understanding the finer points is not really serving their constituents.

I have never made a political contribution before in my life until this election, and I am happy to say that my first contribution was sent to Randy Hultgren. If you too think the government has become too intrusive, and if you too feel that the tax-and-spend policies we’ve seen are hurting our country, I urge you to also contribute to Randy Hultgren; and don’t forget to vote for Randy on Tuesday, Nov. 2, so we can have some real change in Washington.

Diane Stehman, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Economics
Northeastern Illinois University
Wheaton, Ill.


  1. genekent

    October 16, 2010 at 2:18 PM

    A person from out-of-our district (Wheaton) is telling us how to vote? Expecially vote for Hultgren who sold toxic assets and wants to raise sales taxes by 23%? I don’t think voters in 14th district deserve such punishment.

    Just read endorsements for Foster by Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald and Chicago Sun Times.

  2. hellostuman

    October 19, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    You’re right “genekent” let’s not listen to a person outside our district on how to vote, let’s instead take your advice and listen to two Chicagoland newspaper!

    Foster voted for Obamacare! That’s enough of a reason for me to vote for Hultgren. In fact, the day after Foster’s vote I went to Hultgren’s HQ and asked for a yard sign. It’s been up ever since.

    Can’t wait until Nov 2nd!