Letter: In support of John Dalton

By on October 21, 2010

With so many vital issues and key political races, few people give much thought to the election of local judges. This is unfortunate because our judges have the unique distinction of setting the ethical tone for our communities.

This is precisely why I am enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorsing John Dalton for Kane County Resident Judge. John’s outstanding resume, stellar character and tireless work ethic make him the best candidate for this critical role.

And if that isn’t enough, his commitment to the community can be matched by few. John has devoted his life to serving others in a way that truly serves the greater good and the best interest of all. His selflessness to enhance the lives of others sets him apart from the usual characters that seek office primarily for their own benefit. Typically, candidates endeavor to impress voters with their philanthropy and public service during campaign season. John Dalton has exemplified the very best in public service, throughout his personal and professional life, without ever pursuing personal, professional or political gain.

I would strongly encourage everyone, regardless of their political affiliations, to take the time to learn more about this outstanding candidate. This office should not be mindlessly filled by a careless vote. As we face unique challenges, Kane County needs John Dalton’s unwavering ethical code and moral leadership. The people of Kane County deserve nothing less.To learn more please see www.johndaltonforjudge.com/Who_is_John_G.html.

Beth Penesis
South Elgin