Letter: John Dalton stands out in race for judge

By on October 21, 2010

As we get closer to the Nov. 2 election date, our mail boxes get flooded with political mailers from both parties trying to persuade you to vote for their candidate.

However, in the race for Kane County Circuit Court Judge, the candidate’s party shouldn’t play a role in your decision. The best way to elect the right judge is to look at their qualifications for the job. One person stands out in my mind with all the right qualities, that would be John G. Dalton.

John will be a fair, non-partisan judge representing all of Kane County and treating everyone with the respect and dignity that they deserve. He has an extensive legal background including being an arbitration chairman for over 10 years. John will protect our rights and be an independent voice for the people of Kane County. I would encourage everyone to join me and vote Nov. 2 for John G. Dalton, the best person for this job.

For more information about John Dalton, please visit his website at www.johndaltonforjudge.com.

Betsy Couture