Letter: Proud to vote for John Dalton for judge

By on October 21, 2010

I have had the honor of serving this fine country in the U.S. Navy for six years. Sure, I was serving overseas in Southeast Asia working with the military outfits of those countries, but I have also had the opportunity to serve in the nerve center of the American government, Washington, DC.

When I returned to Elgin, I was introduced to one of the finest men, John G. Dalton. After speaking with Dalton about many issues, I realize this is a man who exemplifies integrity and honesty. His nature as a caring individual to not only his immediate family, but to his “big extended family,” have shown me that no matter what happens, he can be counted on to lend a hand. I have seen that through the many individuals he has crossed paths with.

On a professional note, I am the manager for an Elgin music group. The legal guidance he has shown to the group, as well as the business guidance he has given me, have been phenomenal. I truly believe in my heart that John G. Dalton is the right man for the job for Kane County Resident Judge.

I have never seen a man work tirelessly as John. I am amazed with the amount of work he has put into his campaign. Look around you, you can see the hard work and dedication he puts into it. If he can put that much effort into a non-partisan office such as judge, then this is one man I know who will put forth that much hard work and dedication on the bench. I have come to realize John G. Dalton is one person I am proud to call a friend, comrade and business associate. I will be voting John G. Dalton on Election Day.

David J. Ham