Letter: Akemann ran the nastiest campaign in the history of Kane County politics

By on October 21, 2010

After the 2000 primary campaign for state’s attorney, which current judicial candidate David Akemann lost to challenger Meg Gorecki, The Courier, always an Akemann supporter, refused to endorse either candidate (Courier, March 16, 2000), and the Daily Herald called it “one of the nastiest campaign seasons in county history.” (March 22, 2000).

Akemann’s supporters were accused of campaign dirty tricks, e.g., slashing or stealing Gorecki’s signs. (Daily Herald, Feb. 23, 2000), but that was the least of it.

Both Gorecki and County Board Chair Mike McCoy said they believed Akemann’s office was responsible for the leak of a police report about Gorecki less than three weeks before the 2000 primary (Beacon, March 4, 2000). County Board member Doug Weigand agreed, adding that Akemann was “desperate.” County Board member Cathy Hurlbut said the timing of the release of the report was “suspect” and “Any respect I have for David Akemann is gone.” (Beacon, March 5, 2000). McCoy also called the leak “dirty politics.” Gorecki also called the improper and unethical leak of the report “a politically motivated smear campaign timed to derail my campaign.” (Courier, March 7, 2000).

The voters apparently agreed, because Gorecki won the primary, and Akemann’s troubled time as state’s attorney was finally over.

I heard that many of Akemann’s current opponent’s campaign signs have been vandalized and stolen recently. Is it possible that Akemann’s supporters are up to their old tricks?

Harold B. Cattron


  1. Be Real

    October 21, 2010 at 3:41 PM

    I have trouble when people give some details that they think favor them and leave the facts out that follow! Yes, in 2000 Meg was scared and played her sympathy card to the media making them think Mr Akemann was out to get her. I believe when the facts came out after the election, the picture looked much different! Let us recall that Meg lost her license for a while and was not able to carry out the duties of State’s Attorney for a time. I believe Meg is no longer practicing law. She got the media to paint a bad picture which did lead to Mr. Akemann losing but the county paid for that mistake. Let’s not make the same mistake this election! Look at qualifications,experience and the good done for Kane County and then decide who you should vote for!
    By the way, ask any candidate if they are not having signs tampered with. It happens every time to everyone! Let’s not play more sympathy cards. No candidate would be that dumb to mess with an opponents signs!

  2. OldDeputy

    October 22, 2010 at 7:25 AM

    I had a 20+ yr. career as a Kane County Sheriff’s Deputy/Sergeant and have known Mr. Akemann for most of my tenure. I was in KCSO during the 2000 race and I don’t believe Akemann had anything to do with that leak. It was the Sheriff’s Office that sat on that tape recorded message for over a year prior to releasing it before the election. Akemann never had a copy of that tape.

    Dave Akemann was a top notch prosecuter and a lion when it came to protecting the citizens of Kane County and bringing felons to trial. I recall the 80’s and 90’s with the gang wars, the drug trafficing, the murders. This county is far safer now than it was in decades past, in large part thanks to Dave Akemann’s time as State’s Attorney.

    I’m counting on Akemann to bring his strong moral values and wisdom to the Kane County Judicial System again, this time as a judge. I’ll be voting for Akemann on Nov. 2nd.