Letter: Foster has not earned my vote

By on October 21, 2010

I recently read a letter in the paper from a constituent praising Bill Foster for his support of initiatives that have apparently saved or created jobs in the 14th District. I am glad to hear that someone had a positive experience when meeting with Mr. Foster, because my own experience was a bit different.

Recently, I represented the Batavia Chamber of Commerce at a small-business conference in Washington D.C. During our time in Washington, my group also stopped by to visit with Mr. Foster to discuss issues and concerns important to small business owners. I was not impressed by the congressman’s commitment to our concerns—at this meeting or the two previous meetings I attended. Mr. Foster was either unwilling or unable to give a concise and direct answer to very specific questions that were asked. Whether it was about health care or the economy, the response was long winded and nebulous with no resolution.

I welcome having a congressman who is affable and approachable, but I also value ideas that will benefit the district and the country. Cap and trade will not help create or maintain jobs; increasing taxes will not create or maintain jobs—Mr. Foster is mum on whether the tax cuts should be extended, even with 40 of his fellow Democrats publicly supporting an extension of the current capital gains rates and 31 of his fellow Democrats favoring an extension of all tax cuts. The New York Times has even recently questioned why the Democrats haven’t acted on this issue.

Randy Hultgren is endorsed by the National Taxpayers Union, the National Federation of Independent Business, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I don’t get the sense that Mr. Foster is on my side when it comes to business, so I am voting for Hultgren; Foster has just not earned my vote.

Marcia Boyce

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  1. RM

    October 23, 2010 at 6:07 PM

    The organizations cited don’t support Democrats so to mention them at all is very disingenuous. We need a representative who represents us all, not just small business. Foster is/has been a small business owner. How can he be any less of an asset than Hultgren? Hultgren wants to repeal the healthcare plan which would be a huge setback. He doesn’t support extending unemployment benefits. How does that help anyone who has no options in this pathetic economy? Hultgren can afford to be affable and approachable. He’s running for election with vague ideas but no real clue or specific plans other than to say no to anything proposed by Democrats. If the current problems this country faces could be fixed with brief concise answers we really wouldn’t still be in the situation we’re in. Marcia – you need to get a clue. Cutting taxes won’t create or maintain jobs. It’ll just help rich people get richer while the rest of us are left to deal with the mounting debt.