Maple Park must revise its plan for street repairs

By on October 22, 2010

Village officials cite state specifications as reason
by Lynn Meredith
MAPLE PARK—The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) changed its specifications for street repairs in Maple Park, causing the village to prioritize which streets it can repair.

The bidding process for planned repairs will go forward, but in pieces. The funds aren’t there to do everything IDOT stipulates, village officials said.

Maple Park Trustee Mark Delaney said Monday that the village previously decided to do the asphalt this year and the binder coat next year, but now cannot go forward with this plan.

“IDOT won’t let us just do a binder coat,” Delaney said during the Committee of the Whole meeting. “It’s either the whole thing or nothing.”

He said prices for asphalt and crew are $23,000, but with the binder coat added, they are $56,000. Because of weather, the village needs to do the work by Nov. 15, or wait until next May.

“We need to do it in the next 30 days, or we’re out of luck,” Delaney said.

Village President Kathy Curtis said that waiting until next year would cost the village additional engineering fees.

Delaney suggested that the village give priority to the parking lot at the Civic Center and Green, South and Mulberry streets because of the threat of water damage that has occurred in the past.

“IDOT wants us to go down to the base and build them up from scratch,” Delaney said. “We have to lower the parking lot by 3.5 inches, down below grade, and then asphalt it.”

Village officials had been concerned about another requirement from IDOT that the village make all streets 24 feet wide, something not possible on all the roads needing repair, they said. For example, Willow Street is 18 feet wide, and South Street is 14 feet wide. Widening them would have involved cutting into front lawns and removing culverts. The state dropped the requirement this week, however.