Rickert seeks to continue public service

By on October 30, 2010

David Rickert, the Republican incumbent in the race for Kane County Treasurer, hopes to continue his service to the county after the Nov. 2 election.

David Rickert

Republican, Incumbent
Age: 44
Family: Married, three children
Hometown: Elgin
Education, employment, and political background: Certified Public Accountant, current Kane County Treasurer, former senior auditor for a Fortune 500 company, served in both the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserve; Masters degree in Accounting from Roosevelt University; Bachelors degree in Finance from Northern Illinois University; member of the Illinois County Treasurer’s Association (ICTA), voted 2009 County Treasurer of the Year by the ICTA
Community involvement: Former soccer coach, Elgin Parks and Recreation served as election judge, elected precinct committeeman

David Rickert said his decision to run for the Kane County Treasurer’s Office was based on a simple fact.

“I enjoy serving the citizens of Kane County,” he said. “My goals have consistently focused on ensuring the safety and security of public funds while trying to maximize return on investment.”

With his background, Rickert said he is able to take a hands-on approach to monitoring the office’s investments, tax process and financial accounting. He plans to focus his next term on promoting teamwork within the county.

“Some of the most beneficial initiatives that I’ve undertaken to date have been joint efforts to increase efficiency,” he said. “For example, a unified tax system that integrates the tax information from the Clerk, Supervisor of Assessments, and Treasurer’s Offices was implemented. This has reduced expenses and streamlined the process between the three offices.”

He said that another successful effort in working with the same group was the Quick Guide to Property Taxes, which provided information on all aspects of property taxes to help inform citizens. There will now be an insert to each tax bill that will also provide useful property tax information.

“Interdepartmental cooperation with the Clerk and Supervisor of Assessments has proven beneficial to the taxpayers,” Rickert said. “Expanding these educational efforts and keeping the information current will be an initiative that I will continue during the next term.”

In addition, Rickert said he plans to encourage further transparency in government. With the state legislature enacting additional Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) rules for responding to public requests for information, Rickert plans to go beyond those rules by providing the information up front and online for the public to examine without needing to file a FOIA request first.

“Providing as much information to the public via the web is a high priority,” he said.
Rickert said the formula for success in his office is easy to follow.

“Be honest, work hard and lead by example,” he said.

Joseph Lowery
Democrat, Challenger
The candidate did not respond to the Elburn Herald’s phone calls.