Gov. Quinn earned my vote

By on October 28, 2010

The current political campaign has created the most vitriolic, personal attacks, half truths, blasphemous uncivil words and behavior, than other campaigns of recent memory.

These campaign tactics have shed more heat and anger than light or insight on the very dire state of affairs in Springfield. We, the voters, need to know the true nature of our state’s problems from those who will have to make very tough decisions. I don’t think any of the campaign tactics, statements or advertisements have been presented realistically, to wake up the public and get us thinking and working together with the legislators we choose on Nov. 2.

We need to know that approximately less than one half of the state budget goes for education, human and health services and public safety. About half of the state budget cannot be used by our legislators going for costs like interest on the money borrowed, pension funds, etc. We need to realize that the state passed the first capital bill since 1999, this past session, to fix our roads, schools, bridges, power sources; all of which is crucial communication and transportation for businesses and the economy. Will it be another 10 years before we get another capital budget?

When all the requirements are met, the legislators only have about $13 billion left to solve problems, but our deficit is roughly $9.5 billion. Gov. Quinn signed off on about $1.4 billion in spending cuts after the legislature went home without meeting their responsibility for a budget, telling the governor to make the necessary cuts. It is an outright fabrication to say that the governor has increased spending, and did not cut spending.

Is there any doubt that we need better legislators who have the courage to take responsibility for this mess and tell the truth? Do you sense this problem from listening to the candidates?

The only person who has stepped up to this responsibility is Gov. Quinn, because the state legislators, responsible for the budget, refused to do their job after his efforts and sensible proposals to the legislature failed. This is grounds for firing a majority of our current legislators. Fellow voters, unite and choose carefully.

From the point of view of these observations, the only candidate who has risked telling us the real truth is Gov. Quinn. So, he gets my vote along with some new legislators to replace the ones who failed their job this last session.

Douglas Donnan
St. Charles