True change in two weeks

By on October 28, 2010

When I recently read a letter to the editor in which the author labeled Congressman Foster as “fiscally responsible,” I burst out laughing—literally out loud.

How a man who voted for the failed stimulus and the government’s greatest takeover of them all (healthcare) can be labeled “fiscally responsible” is beyond me.

Voting against a $1 million dollar potato study—as Fosters recent mailer attests—does not provide the congressman with membership in the fiscal responsibility club—certainly voting with Speaker Pelosi nearly 93 percent of the time doesn’t get him a membership either.

I also take issue with the tone of the letter which, of all things, informs all of us in the 14th District that we “…should be honored…” to have Foster as our congressman.

There they go again, liberals “reminding” us that we should be grateful for what they have done. I have grown exceptionally tired of all the deceptive rhetoric, but I am buoyed by the fact that in less than two weeks we have an opportunity to effect some actual change.

Randy Zaleski
North Aurora