Akemann deserves your vote for judge

By on October 28, 2010

I’m writing in support of David Akemann’s candidacy for resident judge of Kane County. I was an assistant state’s attorney for eight years during the time David was the elected State’s Attorney.

While serving with David, I came to know him as a man of fairness, sound judgment and unquestionable integrity (exemplified by his refusal to take money in this campaign from lawyers or organizations that represent lawyers).

He is a good family man, a life-long resident of the county, and his qualifications for a judgeship are impeccable. He has extensive backgrounds in both private practice and public service. I have appeared before many outstanding judges in both state and federal court. I can assure the voters that when it comes to fair mindedness and competence, Mr. Akemann will rank with the best of them.

James Guagliardo