Why I am voting for Randy Hultgren

By on October 28, 2010

I am casting my vote to elect Randy Hultgren as representative to the United States Congress from the 14th Congressional District of Illinois.

I am voting for Randy because he will be present in the 14th District and actually listen to the opinions of the people while supporting legislation that reflects the ideals and values of the people of the 14th District—this is what the founding fathers had in mind when they framed the Constitution. This concept is what has made the United States a great nation.

But some people will vote for his Democratic opponent, Bill Foster, because they like a representative in Congress who simply toes the Democratic Party line without considering the opinions of his constituents. These supporters like the fact that Foster has scheduled appearances, but frequently did not attend them, leaving people with no chance to voice their opinions on matters such as healthcare reform or other important legislation.

I am also voting for Randy because he will support economically sound legislation that will encourage the growth of businesses and create jobs, limit the role of the federal government, and reduce wasteful government spending. Again, some will vote for Foster because he voted for the so-called economic stimulus bill—which has actually not reduced unemployment; rather, it has increased the size of government, opened the door to federal government takeover of businesses and financial institutions, and ultimately created an uncertain economic environment for all of us.

I want a representative in Congress that will fight for legislation rooted in common sense and is consistent with the values of the people of our Congressional District. I am voting for Randy Hultgren on Nov. 2.

Dr. Robert Stehman
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Northeastern Illinois University
Wheaton, Ill.