Elburn’s proposed levy is preposterous

By on October 28, 2010

“Unconscionable, bordering on unscrupulous,” were my thoughts about the Elburn Village Board when I read a recent newspaper article published on Oct. 21 about the intended levy that is being proposed.

It is preposterous to think they would be asking for a 47 percent increase over last year’s property tax rate. According to the article, the increase in property taxes would be used to pay salaries, social security and retirement benefits. All of these items should be frozen for the next year and maybe even further.

In these times of economic hardship, they should be thinking about reducing expenses and learning to live within the property tax revenues already in place. If the employees are unhappy, let them leave. See if they can get another job in these times. Employees should be counting their blessings that they even have a job.

There are numerous homes in foreclosure proceedings and many families living “hand to mouth”. It is ridiculous to attempt to burden the taxpayers with additional taxes. These people are suffering and the village employees should suffer along with them.

Additionally, I have proposed the village president and trustees cut their remuneration in half as a gesture of their seriousness to live within the revenues received.

I’m so upset about this issue that I recommend those who would perpetrate such nonsense be ousted from the current positions, be it elected officials or staff.

I sure hope the Kane County Board reads this letter to the editor, because I propose they deny any increase tax rate for the village of Elburn until such time as the elected officials act responsibly.

H. Jack Hansen