Tired of the character attacks

By on October 28, 2010

Out of frustration, I have opted to write this letter to the editor. Is anyone out there tired of viewing the many electoral commercials along with the criticisms, judgments, degrading of characters, belittling and on and on? It is most disheartening to even want to go the voting booth … and what must our children think when they see and hear these commercials?

As I enter the polling booth next week, I am prepared to vote for human dignity and the right to life. I am prepared to vote for the American family. Not voting for a particular party—Democratic or Republican—but those who are prepared to take a stand for life. Those who will work to put an end to abortion; respect all life from conception to natural death. Those who will take a stand for the American family and the values that once made us a great nation under God.

In the last presidential election, I heard several friends say, “there are more important issues than life.” I, for one, disagree. A nation that doesn’t take a stand for life and the family doesn’t stand.

Darlene Biggs