Here are some reasons to vote for Bill Foster

By on October 28, 2010

To residents not sure who to vote for in the congressional election or even unsure whether they’ll vote at all, here are some reasons to vote for Bill Foster.

Yes, Bill Foster voted for the stimulus. Why? Because it saved or created between 800,000- 2,000,000 jobs, just through 2009 (Congressional Budget Office). More jobs have been since created or saved. Small businesses have received tax breaks and grants. The stimulus is not a failure, as Republicans say. Just ask the people whose jobs have been saved or created.

Yes, Bill Foster voted for the Health Care Bill, enabling medical coverage for so many without it under the previous system: coverage that includes many college students and other young people up to age 26; coverage for the unemployed; for those with pre-existing conditions and financial relief for seniors with the donut hole in their Medicare drug coverage.

When Congress raised their own pay, Foster refused and donated his raise to a local food bank, and he opposes the Republican plan to reduce income taxes for those earning above $250,000 annually.

Congressman Foster did not vote for the cap and trade bill, part of an environmental bill strongly supported by Democrats. He doesn’t simply follow party lines. Foster voted no because he believes it’s hard on businesses and economically unfeasible. In fact, the Chicago Tribune labels Foster a “centrist” and independent. For his strongly independent voting record, the Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Daily Herald, the VFW PAC and the Illinois State and DeKalb County Farm Bureaus have endorsed his re-election.

Remember, the Republicans in Congress have no independent members. Democrats have some, including Bill Foster. With his background as a successful entrepreneur and his scientific and objective orientation (a former physicist with Fermi Lab), you know Foster’s votes will be fiscally responsible while helping those struggling with the economy and providing solutions to devastating problems. Mind and heart.

Your vote counts. Please cast it for Congressman Bill Foster of the 14th District.

Cliff and Marilyn Cleland