Encouraged to vote for David Akemann

By on October 28, 2010

I am writing to encourage voters in the 16th Judicial District to vote for David R. Akemann for Circuit Judge.

While there are many fine lawyers seeking positions as Circuit Judge, David has characteristics which stand out above the other candidates. First, David served as the State’s Attorney for Kane County for eight years, and was directly involved with criminal trials and the overall administration of justice.

Second, David has been a successful practicing attorney in Kane County for 32 years (excluding the eight years that he served as Kane County State’s Attorney). Moreover, David has a true love of the law. In fact, the law is in David’s blood (literally). David’s uncle, Earnest Akemann, served as a Circuit Judge in Kane County for many years and was the Chief Judge for some of those years. David’s older brother, Ernie, has been a private, practicing attorney for 45 years.

I have known David virtually all his life, and well before he was old enough to vote. I can personally attest to his integrity, honesty and absolute insistence upon being fair and impartial. I highly recommend David R. Akemann to you for Circuit Judge of Kane County.

Peter C. Bazos
Elgin, Ill.