We need a real recall amendment, not the one on the Nov. 2 ballot

By on October 28, 2010

The Illinois ballot Nov. 2 contains a referendum to add a Recall Amendment to the Illinois Constitution.

Considering one of this state’s last two elected governors is in prison, and his successor is on trial, and if convicted, will also go from the State House to the “big house,” few can deny the need to add a recall provision to this state’s Constitution.

However, the proposed recall amendment on the November ballot is flawed, and is purposely drafted to be flawed, because it is a cynical attempt by the current Illinois legislature to circumvent the public’s intent. It is engineered to thwart the public’s attempt to recall an errant politician by forcing any such recall attempt to go through the legislature before being submitted to the voters.

This proposed recall provision will not allow the voters to even circulate any recall petition unless we get a signed “permission slip” from 30 legislators, 15 of them from the governor’s own party. The reality is, that until the moment he was arrested, there weren’t even close to 15 legislators from Rod Blagojevich’s party who would have signed such a permission slip. If we couldn’t have recalled Rod Blagojevich with it, what good is it? This is worse than no recall at all, because it lets politicians get away with claiming to give us a recall while they maintain the status quo of the flawed 1970 Illinois Constitution.

We need a real recall amendment, not this cynical, ineffective political ploy. Vote no on this so-called “recall amendment” and begin working for a genuine, public empowering recall amendment.

Dennis C. Ryan