Letter: Pranks can hurt children

By on November 4, 2010

Actually, this letter is addressed to the three heartless teenage girls that find humor in terrorizing 6-year-old-girls. We were enjoying lunch on Halloween when all of the sudden there is a movement on our porch. Expecting friends, we open the door to find out that one of these girls has stolen the prized pumpkin and is just smashing it all over our driveway.

Our 6-year-old observed this and she could not imagine what she had done to have her pumpkin, that she so carefully picked out and helped carve, smashed all over before she even got the opportunity to put a candle in it and see it lit up.

So, parents please take a moment to talk to your teens about the ramifications of their pranks. Teens, please stop and think about the little girl that was traumatized because of a simple prank. The smashing of the pumpkin today symbolized the smashing of her feeling of safety. If the parents of these girls know what they’ve done, then they need to see that the girls return and apologize.
Mary Miller