Letter: Why we held off on operating fund referendum

By on November 4, 2010

The Sugar Grove Public Library Board of Trustees, along with the staff of the Sugar Public Grove Library and the Friends of the Sugar Grove Library, have decided that a referendum for operating funds will not be on the November ballot due to difficult economic times for the patrons and residents of Sugar Grove.

We feel strongly that we must recognize the economic strains on our community. The decision to wait until there is a more opportune time to run a successful referendum campaign addresses the financial constraints of our residents and the community understanding of how those additional library dollars would be useful.

There are many that wish the library could, and would, offer more to the community in terms of hours, collections and services. There are many that are without the resources to help financially support paying more for the library. Therefore, in good faith, we will postpone our desire to raise revenues for operating our library.

At this time we are doing our best at providing hours and services while we work to balance keeping expenditures lean and library experiences rich.

We invite you to visit the library, patronize The Book Nook Cafe and support our Library Friends fundraising efforts.

Thank you.

Sugar Grove Public Library Board of Trustees
Art Morrical, president; Sabrina Malano,
vice-president; Julie Wilson, secretary;
Robert Bergman, Sheree Novotny and
Joan Roth, trustees