Conferences get parents, teachers on same page

By on November 5, 2010

by David Maas
KANELAND—The Kaneland School District held parent-teacher conferences Thursday, Nov. 4.

“At Kaneland, we have parent-teacher conferences once a year, for all students,” said Martne McCoy, principal of McDole Elementary School, “However, teachers and parents are able to conference at any point throughout the year, if needed.”

While it isn’t mandatory that all parents attend these conferences, it is recommended that they do.

“We do highly encourage all parents to attend,” said principal of John Stewart Elementary, Laura Garland, “Our goal is to have 100 percent attendance. Our conference schedule includes both day and evening time slots to meet scheduling needs.”

The conferences serve as a means for parents to communicate with teachers about aspects of their child’s academic and social progress. Parents may also inquire about the district’s curricular and behavioral expectations, as well as provide information to the teachers that may have an impact on their child’s school performance.

“Parent-teacher conferences is a time when parents can ask specific questions about their child’s learning, as well as an opportunity for teachers to share the individual learning to their parent,” McCoy said.

Parent-teacher conferences can also help establish a positive working relationship between teachers and their student’s parents.

“Research shows that when parents and teachers partner in the education of a child,” said Shelley Hueber, Principal of Kaneland John Shields Elementary, “That child shows greater gains socially and academically.”