Village approves supplemental for 2009 MFT Program budget

By on November 5, 2010

by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday voted 5-0 to approve a supplemental to the 2009 motor fuel tax (MFT) program budget for a street repair plan that exceeded its expected cost.

The MFT Program allowed for repairs of several streets on the east side of the village, including Neil Road, Stanley Road and Monna Street. Edge mill and patch work was also done to the streets, while curb and gutter sections were installed to alleviate drainage issues.

The original contract for the work was awarded in August 2009 to Aurora Blacktop Inc. at a cost of $118,220.50. However, the amount of additional work, including sidewalk replacement and patching to ensure proper drainage, pushed the final cost of the program to $136,070.55—nearly $18,000 over the original cost of the project.

“We were looking to just get some road repairs done, and the scope of the (MFT Program) work expanded while workers were out there,” Village President Sean Michels said. “More work had to be done in order to make sure everything was done properly.”

Despite the additional cost to the 2009 MFT Program, the approved supplemental will only take $7,234.28 from the village’s motor fuel tax funds. MFT funds left over from a June 2009 resolution will pay the remaining $10, 615.77.

“We really just want to improve our roads,” Michels said.