Letter: Cut some slack for Cutler

By on November 11, 2010

“Jay Cutler sucks.” That’s a phrase I am sick of hearing from Bears fans.

It’s Cutler’s second season in the Windy City, and some fans are already expecting a Super Bowl win.

This season he has thrown for 1,483 yards, seven touchdowns, and—despite having thrown seven picks-—the Bears are 4-3.

The Bears are first in the NFC North, which no one had expected out of them. Let’s not forget the game against the Packers, in which Cutler had 221 yards passing and an additional 37 rushing. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty impressive coming from a guy that had minimal rushing attempts last season.

I think more of the blame should be put on the Bears offensive line that has had a poor 2010 season. So far this season, the o-line has allowed Cutler to be sacked 27 times for minus 138 yards. That’s a statistic Chicago and its fans are not proud of. I think everybody in the country remembers the o-lines performance against New York, in which the Giants sacked Cutler nine times in one half. Jay left that game late in the second quarter with a concussion. I’m not trying to bash the Bears lineman; I just think that fans should get off Cutler’s back.

Brandon Bishop
Kaneland High School freshman