Letter: Thank you Sugar Grove blood donors

By on November 11, 2010

You answered someone’s need through your much-needed blood donations on Sept. 13. A huge thank you for a successful blood drive to the Sugar Grove Firefighters Auxiliary, the Sugar Grove Fire Department, the Heartland Blood Center staff and all of our extra volunteers.

A special thank you to our awesome donors: Jane Alabastro, Debbie Booton, Heather Brasch, Samantha Burrows, Charles Crisci, Gina Cumiskey, Efrain Davila, Patricia Davis, Jim Eckert, Ed Fowler, Aaron Frasz, Shelby Fredericksen, Melissa Gooch, Mark Goress, Robert Haglund, George Hannemann, Anna Henricks, Mike Janco, Kelly Janulis, Laura Keske, Ben Kramp, James Magnuson, Sally McClellan, Janelle McCornack, Suzanne McCracken, Margaret Metzger, Sean Michels, Nancy Mickelson, Joe Miller, Brandon Mires, Marisa Tenoria-Mires, Millie Molitor, Russell Molitor, Darin Norman, Erin Novotny, Luke Ressler, Judy Rios, Kelly Ryan, Brian Schiber, Damon Schultz, Albert “Bo” Smith, Jake Smith, Andrea Strobert, Colby Suits, Renee Tonioni, Michael Tovrea, Linda Wray, Sherry Young, James Zablock and Scott Zaeske.

We deeply appreciate those who attempted but were unable to donate blood. The next Sugar Grove blood drive is scheduled for Monday, March 7, 2011.

Joy Rubo
Blood drive coordinator
Sugar Grove