Letter: Fair and balanced?

By on November 18, 2010

Conspiracy: a plan agreed on; planning and acting together for a harmful purpose. The big radio and TV stations pulled it off better than I have ever seen before. Until you got to the polls, most voters didn’t even know it was a four-way race for the U.S. Senate seat. The missing news story was that the Libertarian Party was on the ballot. Total blackouts do not happen by accident.

The supposedly conservative talking heads on the radio do a good job in keeping, the public abreast of their liberal competitors decline in listeners and readership. This last election, though, has me wondering if they really deserve their ratings. Are they really conservative or just another bunch of Republican rinos (Republicans in name only)?

How do you overcome the Internet? Controlled knowledge. The party name and candidate could not be mentioned for fear a listener might check out their website. Even after the polls closed, recognition of the fourth party was omitted in reporting the election results. The Republicans were desperate to elect Mark Kirk. Both parties worked to keep the Libertarian Party from obtaining permanency on the ballot.

“Fair and balanced” news coverage was exposed as a fraud, just a slogan to fool listeners. To be fair, there were others that cooperated in this conspiracy of silence. Some pro-life groups remained silent for fear of hurting the election of a a Republican to the Senate, a man they openly despise. The Illinois Rifle Association endorsed a write-in candidate who was not even eligible to be on the ballot. Their commitment to the Second Amendment needs to be investigated. This is not a first-time offense for the IRA. And who got to the Tea Party? I thought it was the economy, stupid.

The conspiracy of silence was a success. Who was hurt by it? The public, the voters. Morality and the Constitution were also big losers in the Senate race. Tuning out the major media outlets won’t be so hard to do. There is nothing to be learned from those we cannot trust.

Joan Solms