Let the businesses do the decorating

By on November 20, 2010

by Lynn Meredith
Elburn—Over the next few weeks, you can browse Elburn businesses and find the tree you’d like to take home. Over 20 local businesses have purchased trees and wreaths from the Elburn and Countryside Community Center and are busy decorating them with their own themes for Christmas.

On Friday, Dec. 3, the night of the annual Christmas Stroll, the trees will be displayed as a group at the Elburn and Countryside Community Center. A silent auction will be held with all proceeds going to the community center.

“This is the first year we’ve done this,” community center director Laurie Studdard said. “Pat Leyden, president of the community center board, came up with the idea. He’s been to some other ones and got the idea.”

Businesses, such as American Bank and Trust, have purchased four-foot trees for $50 and 30-inch wreaths for $40. The bank is working with the theme of the Night Before Christmas. The community center is decorating with elves and candy.

“We’re giving businesses free-rein on how to decorate,” Studdard said.

A silent auction is held each year at the community center, where approximately 400 people come through on the night of the Christmas Stroll.

“We have a wide variety of items: gift baskets, games, sports memorabilia,” Studdard said.

The money raised will be used for various operational funds, including the newest project of installing a geo-thermal system in the building. The system will not only save money and fuel, it will circulate cool air in the un-air-conditioned space.