Letter: An introduction

By on February 26, 2009

I have heard that many people in Elburn don’t know who I am. I would like to clear up that misconception. I have been a resident since 1997.

During the time that I have lived in Elburn, I have seen the town grow from a population of about 2,000 to just under 5,000 residents today. Two years ago, the suggestion was made that I should consider running for Village Board. (This was a couple of weeks before petitions were due).

I personally went out and obtained signatures, submitted those petitions and received the most votes in my first election. I have served for almost two years and during that time, I have cast some unpopular votes (one was against last year’s budget and the COLA and step raises for employees). It is difficult to make hard choices, but in today’s economy they are necessary choices.

My vision for the future of government in Elburn is to continue to make decisions based on what is good for the majority. Our town has changed significantly over the last 10-plus years; we are at the end of the line for Metra, and that represents opportunity.

We need to focus on making the coming years a time of preparation for the rebound in our economy. Yes, I am optimistic about our return to growth and prosperity, as individuals, as a village, and most of all, as a country. It will take some tough decisions, and I believe, input from all sectors of our community. We need to be responsive to our seniors and to our young families alike.

I welcome the input of all citizens; I am ready to listen and I encourage you to continue to come to the meetings and to share your ideas.

Patricia Romke
Candidate for Village President