Letter: Thank you for helping me through a difficult time

By on February 26, 2009

I was involved in a serious accident on Hughes Road on Feb. 12. I would like to thank many people that made this horrible experience a little bit more comfortable.

As soon as the accident happened, witnesses stopped, called 911 and gave the police their statements. An EMT also witnessed the accident. He was not working, but comforted me, took my pulse and talked to me until the ambulance came. When the police and ambulance did arrive, it took a long time to cut me out of the car. During that time, two Elburn paramedics climbed into my car, full of glass, sat with me, evaluated me, treated me, but most importantly tried to calm me, as I was very scared.

I, of course, did not get anyone’s name in the confusion. I do not know how to thank everyone that helped me that day. Finally, I received excellent care at Delnor Hospital. Their calm, comforting approach aided me in dealing with my injuries.

Last, but not least, I drove Hughes Road every day to work. Somehow, in the back of my mind, I knew that I would get in an accident someday on that road. I will no longer drive on that road. I beg that those of you who drive on Hughes Road will slow down and observe the speed limit. The man that hit me was driving way too fast and will deal with the consequences for that.

I am so thankful that the accident happened on a day when my three small children were not in the car. I am badly injured, but fortunately, I will recover. Others may not be as lucky if drivers do not start to realize that this road is potentially very dangerous if speed limits are not observed.

JoAnne H. Smith