Letter: Dr. Rob used ‘Hogfan’ funds for new treatment

By on November 24, 2010

I just wanted to let you know that we went to Ohio to give the check to Dr. Rob this weekend.

We found out that with only $2,800 of last year’s donation, he and another research scientist were able to combine some drugs that they thought might work to destroy tumors caused by PTLD, which is caused by the virus Jason had, and it worked in eight patients so far. They all only had a couple of months to live, and the new treatment worked in all of them, and they are all cured; no sign of recurring tumors—they are totally cancer free.

Dr. Rob told us that they were able to submit this as a new treatment for PTLD of the brain, and it will be in all the medical/oncology journals around the world, and he put that this was the result of a donation by The Friends of Jason Gould Foundation of Illinois.

So if you donated, you just saved eight lives this year, with many more to follow. This is just amazing to think that even though we are not major donators, as an independent foundation, he is able to use our money to create treatments that would not otherwise have been done because of cancer-funding cutbacks. In other words, this is beyond our wildest dreams. We are saving lives that are someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, wife, husband, etc.

All four of us that went were simply awestruck by the brilliance of these researchers. They have created so many new cancer treatment protocols at Ohio, and Dr. Rob has a brilliant future—and we helped.

Every single dollar that we raised went to him, and he has already discovered some other new treatments in addition to the PTLD (lymphoma) vaccine going to clinical trials soon.

We need to do this for him. I had no idea how directly and immediately our donations were saving people’s lives. We need to continue on. We need more people to come forward to help, to donate, whatever, this year. Please consider helping on any level. Join the committee, be a volunteer at the Hogfan Party on Sept. 10, donate $10, $20 or any amount this year. We need you.

Jason would be thrilled.

Sandy Gould
Friends of Jason Gould Foundation