Letter: A ‘thank you’ from Kaneland Youth Soccer

By on December 2, 2010

As the Kaneland Youth Soccer Organization (KYSO) Fall Soccer Season has come to a close, on behalf of the KYSO Board Of Directors, I would like to send out a big thank you to all of the individuals who helped make this season a success.

First, we could not have a program without our dedicated players who come out week after week in the rain, wind, and often times, unfavorable conditions to practice and play weekly games. Our players not only brave the elements, but also play with a lot of heart and soul each week.

It is all worthwhile when you can see the teams grow throughout the season, going from virtual strangers to well-oiled machines by the last game of the season. This would not be possible if we didn’t have the amazing group of volunteers that we have had this season. The KYSO went out on a limb by implementing, for the first time, a volunteer fee at the beginning of the season. As volunteers stepped up to the many volunteer opportunities the organization provided, parents took the challenge and went above and beyond the expectations the board had at the start of this new program.

Our volunteer coaches, as always, did an amazing job teaching soccer skills to the kids, along with teamwork and positive attitudes in regards to winning and losing the games. Parents went above and beyond by not only getting their players to the fields each week, but helped by doing a lot of dirty work, including striping the fields each week, painting and organizing the storage shed, breaking down equipment bags and first aid kits, as well as preparing for the spring session by making and handing out flyers.

The final group of volunteers that deserve special recognition is the KYSO Board of Directors. This group of men and women have dedicated themselves to turning this organization into the fantastic program that it has become. The program serves so many needs of the community by providing a quality soccer program to youth ages 4 to 17, the TOPS program serving special needs players, and travel teams that offer programming to players looking for a bigger challenge.

A last and final thanks to Hill’s Country Store who provides a concession stand each Saturday. Coffee and snacks on those cold and windy mornings sure takes the edge off for many of us parents.

Thank you from the KYSO board and all of the volunteers once again for a very successful fall soccer season 2010. It could not have been a success without everyone working together.

Michelle Moser
Kaneland Youth Soccer Organization
Director of Publicity