Letter: Looking for lost letters

By on December 9, 2010

I am a teacher at Kaneland High School, and one of the projects I have my students participate is in writing a five-year letter. The students write a letter about themselves, their families, their goals and their present thoughts of their lives. I take the letters, put them away for five years and mail them back to the students to show them how much they have changed and developed.

I mailed off the letters for the sixth time this past November. Unfortunately, I have received some letters back. I was wondering if you would post an article to see if anyone knows where these people moved so I can forward these letters on to them.

The names of the students that I am looking for are: Alicia Stark, Zach Schoenberg, Cecily Seals, Kathryn Pickett, Lydia King, Courtnay Fiedler, Charles Kahl and Brittany Bradley.

If any of these people would still like their five-year letter or know where these people are, they can contact Judy W. Fabrizius at Kaneland High School by e-mailing jfabrizi@kaneland.org or calling (630) 365-5100.

Judy Fabrizius
Kaneland High School