Dragons, swordfighting stuff of teen’s tale

By on February 27, 2009

Kylen Pattermann started first novel in 9th grade
by Martha Quetsch
Not everyone can turn their fantasies into reality. But with creativity and determination, Kylen Pattermann of Elburn has.

Two years ago when she was in ninth grade, Pattermann wrote the novel, “Battle Scarred,” an imaginative tale she is currently continuing in a sequel.

Pattermann’s writing teacher at Kaneland High School, Kristen Johnson, said her student’s commitment to being an author helped make it happen so early in life.

“Kylen is a very spirited student who is determined to succeed and wasn’t going to let her age be a deterrent, Johnson said.

Pattermann went online and found a publisher for her book that did not require her to have an agent. She sent a draft of her novel to the company, Comfort Publishing of North Carolina, which agreed to edit, publish and market the book at no charge to Pattermann.

Before “Battle Scarred,” Pattermann had composed nine other stories.

“I have been writing my whole life. I think those other stories were like practice—me learning what I wanted to write and where I wanted to go with it,” said Patterman, 17.

Fantasy is Pattermann’s favorite genre.

“I read a lot of it, so I knew that was what I wanted to write,” she said. “I was into medieval swordfighting and dragons.”

Among novelists she likes are Stephanie Meyer, who wrote the “Twilight” series, and Garth Nix, author of “The Abhorsen Trilogy.”

Pattermann likes the challenge of writing fantasy.

“It’s because it is not real and couldn’t happen; I couldn’t go out and live it, I had to come up with it myself,” she said.

The young author said when she is thinking about what to write next, her imagination is unleashed.

“If I can get my friends where they can’t run, I talk to them all about books I haven’t even written yet,” Pattermann said.

Pattermann has not finished the sequel to “Battle Scarred” yet, but promised “it will have a lot to do with dragons.” She hopes eventually to write a third sequel to complete a trilogy.

Pattermann plans to continue writing throughout her life.

“I have so many books I want to write. And I think my characters would get mad at me if I stopped writing about them,” she said.

‘Battle Scarred’
When Dera awakes in the woods, beaten and broken, with no recollection of who he is or where he comes from, he doesn’t realize his troubles are just beginning. Fortunately, two kind farmers find him and help him heal, help him to understand the world in which they live—a world consumed by civil war. Once he finds himself on the front lines, fighting for a side, for a cause he knows nothing about, he hopes and prays that no one will dig too deeply into a past that doesn’t exist. Dera has to remember who he is before someone else does, because for Dera, not knowing who you are is not only disturbing, it can also be deadly.
Synopsis of the novel
by Kylen Pattermann,