Letter: Young players help KHS athletics

By on December 23, 2010

Kaneland High School is having a great year in sports for the athletics. The varsity football team nearly made it to state, and the varsity basketball squad is off to a hot start. I think this is a big part of Kaneland. Sports are all we have as far as I’m considered, and we need to dominate each team that we play against.

The varsity football team nearly made it to state with an All-Conference receiver in Blake Serpa, who has verbally committed to Central Michigan and led the Knights to victory in a majority of games. His teammates, Quinn Buschbacher, Joe Camiliere, Sean Carter and freshman wide receiver Daniel Helm playing up also helped lead the Knights to victory. Other players playing varsity as a freshman are Alex Snyder (offensive line) and Matt Rodriguez (kicker). I think it’s a big step from freshman to varsity, and the kids who stepped up as freshmen did a terrific job. As for basketball, Drew David and Daniel Helm are some of the many stars out there. Both players start as freshman and are paving the way for the Knights to have an outstanding season.

All in all, I think Kaeland has had a great 2010 sports season so far. They have played their hardest ball, and a lot of freshmen have been stepping up. I think it is important to have young kids on your team because having younger kids playing varsity will only make them better players in the long run. It is also a way to see who your leaders are out there on the court. If freshman are leaders as a freshman, they will make a great player/leader as they mature.

John Pruett
Freshman, Kaneland High School