Letter: Obama broke too many promises

By on December 23, 2010

As we have all constantly heard about, it’s been Barack Obama who is putting our country in a horrible situation. His promises to put money back in peoples’ wallets was a complete lie, along with his promises to bring our soldiers home in 16 months.

A huge controversy between the nation is about the health care system. He is causing stress and difficulties for the hardworking people trying to make a living by forcing them to pay higher taxes to cover the less fortunate. I’m not saying that poor people shouldn’t have the right to health care, I just don’t believe personally that our president should rely on wealthier people to cover them. As president, that should be his job, and the government as a whole.

I could sit here all day and name his broken promises, which is scary to think about. Obama is setting America back, and with his way of running things our childrens’ children will be paying for what he has done. He not only has put our country in an extreme amount of debt, but he also sets a bad example for everyone he’s poorly representing.

I hope for nothing more than Obama’s impeachment, because America cannot progress with him as president. It’s only a matter of time before enough people get fed up with his presidency. Obama did a great job at fooling people, but he didn’t fool me. He actually taught me what a president shouldn’t be.

Cheryl Gaston
Senior, Kaneland High School


  1. RM

    December 23, 2010 at 8:17 PM

    It’s great that you’re interested in politics but you need to do more research. You’re missing most of the facts. You can’t just regurgitate your parent’s negative opinions and expect us to come to the same conclusion. You say you can spend all day naming broken promises. Can you really? Obama didn’t make any promise to put money into people’s wallets. Presidents don’t create jobs or wealth. Obama didn’t start the war and politicians make all kinds of promises they can’t deliver on when they are running for office. When someone actually gets elected, they often find they are powerless to do much of what they said they’d do. Who do you think pays for the less fortunate? We are actually paying less taxes thanks to the extended tax cuts that the Republicans forced by refusing to extend unemployment compensation without the extened tax cuts for all. Do you know there is no other revenue source to make up for these cuts? That means the debt will go up. Obama hasn’t actually created the debt. That was done by Congress. There are no grounds to impeach Obama. You need to stay in school and keep studying. It is important to be better informed when you’re old enough to vote.

  2. JamesW

    December 23, 2010 at 8:59 PM

    Ms. Gaston,

    Barack Obama accepted the responsibility of our nation’s problems with his election as President. He inherited an economy approaching another Depression, two off-budget wars, 500,000 job losses a month, and an unregulated Wall Street and banking system. To expect Mr. Obama to resolve our nation’s ills in two years with an opposition party determined to destroy his presidency is unrealistic.

    It is our obligation to be informed American citizens. If you haven’t done so yet, I recommend you study The Great Depression, the role of taxation in a democracy, and Article 2 of the US Constitution.

    James W.