Editorial: Merry Christmas

By on December 25, 2010

With the continuing struggles of the economy and personal, business and governmental budgets continuing to tighten, we approach the Christmas holiday with a significant amount of stress that risks undermining why it is that we celebrate the season.

There are plenty of reasons stress can intrude on our holiday cheer—both personal and public—but there are even more reasons to overcome those stressors and be uplifted as we enter into the final days before Christmas.

This week’s edition alone can give an example of that—a lawsuit filed against the village of Elburn and another suit filed against the Kane County Board chairman will certainly add to the stress experienced by all involved parties—yet there are also examples of people coming together and rising above the things that bring people down.

The membership of Christ Community Church banded together to provide a million meals to those in need; nonprofit organizations offering their thanks for support that came at a time when most are financially stretched so thin that any level of giving can be difficult to accomplish.

It is easy to forget that we receive more than we give when we serve our fellow man; and for those suffering during the season, we hope you find your path to peace and happiness.

For those of the Christian faith, we hope you can rely on your faith during this holy time to renew your spirit and be uplifted as this year begins to close and the new year approaches.

For those of differing faiths or no faith at all, we hope you can rely on loved ones and your community during this season for that sense of renewal.

Both paths lead to a connection with our fellow man, and therefore, a desire to serve each other. We hope that becomes the ultimate Christmas present each of us can give to each other—ourselves.