Students write to soldiers

By on December 25, 2010

by John Pruett
Kaneland Krier Reporter

Kaneland—Sixty pounds of Christmas cards.

That’s what physical science teacher Joanna Edelman sent off to the troops after her students spent class on Dec. 10 writing Christmas cards for soldiers in Afghanistan.

“I am not sure exactly how many cards we sent out, but we had 60 pounds of cards that were sent to three different battalions,” Edelman said.

Freshman Morgan Modaff estimated her class mailed out over a thousand cards. Modaff herself wrote at least 20, she said.

“I said, ‘Thanks for your services and I hope you get to come home soon,’” Modaff said. “It was rewarding knowing you are putting a smile on their faces.”

Freshman Lesly Chavez said she made seven cards, but spent a lot of time on them.

“I was thanking them for what they do and put some funny things to keep them happy during the holidays,” said Chavez.

Edelman said she was inspired by her husband, who is currently a contractor in Afghanistan doing electrical work for the United States Army. Some of the bases currently used by U.S. troops are former Russian military bases, and Edelman said some soldiers had been electrocuted in the shower because of shoddy wiring jobs. Her husband is working to improve the safety at bases and will not be home for the holidays, she said.

“The post office says they will receive them before Christmas,” Edelman said. “Both the soldiers and contractors deserve recognition for what they do, and I thought the holidays was the best time to recognize them.”

Photo by Alexis Villarreal, Krier Reporter