Elburn changes policy to exempt certain employees

By on December 24, 2010

by Lynn Meredith
Elburn—A change in the village of Elburn’s personnel manual will eliminate overtime pay and compensatory time off for certain employees. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, these employees are considered exempt by virtue of their position and decision-making authority and do not receive compensation for overtime work.

For the village of Elburn, those exempted from overtime pay and compensatory time off would include village administrator, administrator assistant, police chief, director of public works and the building and zoning officer. All but building and zoning are appointed positions.

The board wanted to phrase the resolution to leave open the possibility that all department heads could be exempted. They decided on the word “certain” rather than “appointed” so that, if the village grows, other positions not currently filled, such as Streets Foreman or Waste Water Treatment Operator, could be included in the exemptions.

The expectation behind exempt employees is that these higher-level positions require the employee to work whatever hours are necessary to accomplish the goals and deliverables of the exempt position. They work more flexible hours than those working as hourly employees.

As Trustee Jeff Walter put it, “Management will be treated like management.”