Village unhappy with snow service

By on December 24, 2010

by David Maas
Kaneville—The Kaneville Village Board expressed its displeasure with the current state of the village’s snow removal at its Dec. 16 meeting.

After the first substantial snowfall of this season, residents reported rocks—some as substantial as four inches wide—scattered on the road and throughout yards. The snow removal company denied it could have been from their salt loads.

Also expressed by residents was the fear of the danger of some roads which have been very slick, sometimes covered in ice. Those concerns raised questions from the board as to when they need to call the company out to salt the roads, with the possibility of pre-salting before major amounts of snowfall.

“We have the funds to salt when we need to,” board member Paul Ross said. “That was the first snowfall this company has handled for us, so it is kind of a learning curve with both parties.”

Despite the learning curve, the board members said they are not going to deal with this situation lightly.

“I assure you, action is being taken to resolve this problem,” Ross said.