Madrigals hold 33rd dinner

By on December 31, 2010

by Kaley Martens
Krier Reporter

KANELAND—Complete with a brass ensemble, a recorder ensemble, actors, jesters, and singers, the 33rd annual Madrigals Dinner was held Dec. 10-12.

“(Madrigals) benefits anyone who enjoys music and wants to come watch. It also benefits us as musicians because we are given the opportunity to learn more challenging music,” said Sarah Morgan, a senior and one of this year’s Madrigal queens.

This year, Madrigals was based off the 12 days of Christmas. The event featured a dinner and concert and was one of the group’s largest events this year.

“It involved over 80 students (performing) holiday songs and Madrigals, which are Renaissance-period choral songs,” said Bryan Kuntsman, Madrigals and Concert Choir teacher.

The Renaissance-themed performance starred seniors Kendall Renaud as the king, and Sarah Morgan and Samantha Vazquez as the queens.

“Madrigals expresses our joy for music in a different way than concerts,” junior Rhys Childs said.

The group performed a number of songs, including William Bird’s “Sing Joyfully,” John Dowland’s “Come Again Sweet Love Doth Though Invite,” Stanford’s “Quick, We Have but a Second,” Jans Sweelinck’s “Chantez a Jiev,” and Morley’s “Sing We Enchanted.

“(The best part about Madrigals) was a combination between the music and skit,” Childs said.

“In part, it’s a fundraiser,” Kunstman said. “The cost of the dinner covers our expenses and other student activities.”

The dinner and performance raised money for the performance tour to Europe.