Two KHS band members march in Macy’s Parade

By on December 31, 2010

by Sarah Arnold
Krier Executive Editor
Amanda Schiff, Krier Editor

KANELAND—While others were visiting family, cooking Thanksgiving meals or serving food in a soup kitchen, seniors Logan Vines and Kendall Renaud were marching down the streets of New York in that other Thanksgiving classic, the Macy’s parade. Vines and Renaud participated in the All-American Band on Nov. 25, which aired locally on NBC. The parade stepped off at Central Park with the 185 members of the All-American Band. When the band reached Macy’s Herald Square, they performed for a grandstand audience, the celebrity hosts and over 50 million television viewers.

Kendall Renaud, Piccolo

Q. What gave you the opportunity to participate in the parade?
A. “When I went to band camp over the summer, they gave me the information and I sent in an application.”
Q. What was it like marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
A. “It was the best thing I’ve ever done. Everyone there was extremely talented in what they do, and it was cool to be a part of something as big as that.”
Q. If given the opportunity, would you do this again?
A. “ Of course, 100 percent!”
Q. How long were you in New York City?
A. “We were in New York for a week.”

Logan Vines, Percussion
Q. What sights did you see during your trip to New York?
A. “We saw the World Trade Center (site), Times Square and the Radio City Rockets.”
Q. What was the most exciting part of your trip to New York City?
A. “Meeting new people because they were all really into it and knew what they were doing.”
Q. Was this experience challenging?
A. “ Yes, I did not get a lot of sleep, usually just two to three hours, and the rehearsals were really long.”
Q. Are you going to try and march in the parade again next year?
A. “ I can’t because you have to be in high school, but if I could I would have liked to.”