Letter: In defense of the Second Amendment

By on January 6, 2011

A letter by a Kaneland High School senior in the Dec. 30 issue of the Elburn Herald requires a reply. Here are a few points on the wisdom of private ownership of firearms, as guaranteed by our Constitution Second Amendment.

The young lady believes that possession of a gun, legally or illegally, almost guarantees that person will kill someone. She says it is “unnecessary” for anyone to own a gun. It is “unnecessary” for anyone to own a Corvette, too; hundreds of people have been killed in them. But should Corvettes be made illegal because a few have been misused?

She believes “only people with authority should have guns.” This was the law in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany, where those governments held all the firearms. Ask a refugee from the Soviet Union or a survivor of the Holocaust how that worked for the benefit of the public. Our Second Amendment was drafted to protect the people from just such a perversion of government authority. The Second Amendment isn’t there just to protect the right to hunt ducks.

Several years ago, the Chicago Sun-Times printed a study reporting percentages of Illinois firearm owners cards held in the several Chicago-area collar counties. The highest percentages were in towns in western Kane County. That’s right, Cheryl—right here … over 50 percent. Coincidentally, these were towns with the lowest crime rates. I asked a long-time Elburn police chief and life-long resident about this fact. He replied, “Why do you think criminals don’t come here? Do you think an over 50 percent chance of being shot committing a burglary isn’t a deterrent?”

What anti-gun people don’t understand is that gun ownership by citizens makes the whole community safer from crime, because the criminal does not know who is armed and who is not. His choice? To pursue his criminal career in a place where guns are illegal; a place where honest, law-abiding people have surrendered their weapons, naively believing the police can protect all of them all of the time.

If you don’t feel safe living here, I suggest you move to a city where you will feel safe—a city with strict anti-gun laws; a city where no private citizens can own a gun, therefore where no one ever gets shot. I suggest Chicago, Detroit, New York City or Washington D.C. And because you will want your new neighbors to feel safer with you living near them, place this big sign on your door: “this is a gun-free home.” Your neighbors will indeed be safer, because your house will be the first one the criminals will hit.

Dennis C. Ryan

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  1. Doublewide

    January 9, 2011 at 9:52 AM

    Mr. Ryan,

    Thank you for such a provoking response. I still believe that positive education is the answer. To shed a more constructive light on Communist Russia I’d like to express a quote that shows the importance of my statement.

    “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”
    — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    Let’s make sure that generation is taught that FACTS and not propaganda.